Monday, January 12, 2009

Reminiscing Part I

Despite the fact that our vacation did not develop beyond an extremely lazy and uneventful trip, I am still finding it necessary to write several different entries because I am somehow not able to completely cover all the randomness with just one shot. Our trip basically consisted of nothing more than sleeping, eating, and lounging by the pool soaking up as much sun as possible. I ask myself then how could I have so much to write about; however I will not consume too much time or thought with the answer.

I guess since my husband and I have already been to Gran Canaria (the Canary Islands) for our honeymoon, we did not feel the need to explore as we did last time. We know where things are and what the islands have to offer. We did manage to make it back to our favorite restaurant in this quaint little fishing town that we had discovered on our last trip here. The small village is such a nice contrast to the busy, bright, and touristy section of the island where we were just two years ago. It has a slower pace, which is just our style.

I have been to restaurants that can most certainly boast of a more elegant and chic decor, but there is nothing like experiencing the unique character and charm of a local place. The kind of place that is often missed or easily passed over by tourists because of the lack of ambiance, you know, the kind of place that the locals frequent.

It was quite easy to find it again this year because the swirled acrylic blue wicker chairs were our beacons inviting us back to our familiar restaurant nestled in on one of the side streets away from the other holiday travelers. The local favorites found all over the island include the standard Canary potatoes, aioli sauce, shrimp, avocados, and the most important ingredient...garlic. This "mom and pop" owned restaurant serves fish that is caught daily on the family boat. You are then shown your catch before it is prepared, and when it finally arrives it reaffirms the truth of the difference between fresh and frozen. This may be the first time that I have actually had fish melt in my mouth. The only words that one is left with after the meal is..."ahhhhhhh".

There is something truly fantastic about experiencing the authentic. No commercial imitation adapted to fit into a more universal mold that only leaves a faint tint of what it is supposed to be, but the real thing. But I suppose El Capuchino's real charm for me personally lies within combining the real thing with sentimental memories of the most special time in my life...the beginning of a shared life together.

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