Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Brand New Look

I just love a good makeover... don't you?

When I started my blog last November, I had no idea w
hat I was getting myself into. It didn't take long to realize after jumping into the whole blogging world and discovering one fantastic blog after another, that my sorry, self-made attempt of a header just didn't cut it... so this time I left it to someone who knew what they were doing... what do you think?

... Speaking of new looks, have you seen the new rugs by Amy Butler, a.k.a "queen of everything creative". They are so dreamy, it makes you want to curl up a take a long nap on them... so divine! One could literally put these rugs in a room and nothing else, and still pull off chic.

I seem to have been on a blue and green kick these days and just can't seem to get enough. Do you find yourself gravitating towards certain color combinations too?


  1. yes I love the new look, not that there was anything wrong with the old one!!!!
    I ADORE those rugs!!! I have just painted my bathroom the most wonderful shade of blue and it makes me so happy to get out of the shower in the mornings!!! It's all clean and spa looking, just like those rugs!!

  2. Wow I love your new look, it is fantastic....

    I love the rugs, love the colours, now I am looking for ideas !!!

  3. Hey again... just looked at Still Water Designs and I'm floored by your beautiful creations!!! You are so clever Miss Alli so clever, I wish you'd expand to the American market...hint hint.

  4. love the new look! and yes - I'm into blue and green too! I have said 6x to my husband that if we could bail on the stupid red rugs in the living room I'd want some soft green patterns in the new rugs. Then, b/c it's too expensive just now, he says some silly german rhyme "Grün und blau trägt die Sau" or something like that. ah, me.

    I am loving yellow and white just now, which is what's going on my in my new little office =)

  5. Deine neue "Blog-Tapete" sind wunderschön aus.

    Und die Teppiche... WAAAAH.... gibt es irgendwo Preise?

    Liebe Grüße, Smila

  6. I liked the old header but this one is really you!
    ♥ Jeannette

  7. fantastic *smile*
    - the new blog design and the rugs.
    I want one in red please.

    With a little bit of brown and green and vanilla.


  8. nice. you inspired me to update... well, you and the heat here. the water & blue soothes and cools me.

  9. I like the header and the new look of your blog. Very pretty!
    Lg. Beate

  10. LOVE THE HEADER ...LOVE THE RUGS. I used to be in the woven carpet biz - custom loomed designs for upper end hotels and restaurants. These are simply sensational. You are a talented girl, my friend.... I am cooking up a couple of ideas which might fit with your stuff. They might take a bit of time, but just maybe they could be interesting! More later....

    LG, passt auf euch auf :)


  11. Just a little note about hand tufting -- which is how these rugs are made -- each square inch is divided up an the individual fibers are hand attached through the backing. It is a pain staking process...each one can take weeks of work. I worked for a mill who did these to compliment woven carpet. The tufted pieces were for special areas, and the woven goods were for general public spaces. What I love on these pieces, Allison, is the sculpted depth. They are just exquisite!


Your comments are what makes blogging fun for me!

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