Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Final Destination... Dresden

On our return trip from Herrenhut, the beautiful and historical city of Dresden was directly on the way, and a perfect diversion for a Sunday afternoon sightseeing stop. The city has long been known as the capital and residence for the Kings of Saxony, thus they provided the city with much of the architectural, artistic, and cultural sites that have attracted tourists for centuries. The city borders the River Elbe and boasts of fantastic and ornate architecture that define European cities. Many efforts have been made to restore the beauty and splendor of a city that was essentially destroyed after the war.

The city square was filled with tourists and those out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the city overlooking the waterfront. With the historic city as a backdrop, a group of musicians played the most beautiful movement of music that I have heard on the streets.... we were thoroughly amazed and delighted.

Riding trough the city square was a group of men on a multi-person bike, carrying afternoon beverages with them... what I would consider a real "party-on-wheels". One of them stopped to ask me if I was photographing them because of their bike, or because of their hats... hmmm.

One of the most well-known and main attractions of the city is the Frauenkirche (Our Lady's Church), which was totally burned and destroyed during the war. After 13 years of reconstruction, the church was completed in 2004. Many of the original stones were recovered and used in rebuilding, which one can notice the darker stones that have been colored because of fire damage and age.

Just outside the church, girls dressed in long, white dresses circled the church, giving out information and selling cards which were used for funding additional restorations. It seemed to complete the scene to see their full skirts swishing back and forth from side to side as they casually strolled around the building, sometimes stopping to catch up with acquaintances.

Despite all the efforts that have been made to restore the city, I often feel a great sadness for those have have lost such a place... for I can truly imagine the greatness of what once was.


  1. Thanking you for sharing this wonderful afternoon you seems full of joy, and happy people.. You photos are so great, the multi bicycle looks fun, never seen one of those before.

  2. This is one German city I havena't been to and would love to go to. It is on my list. Fantastic photos!


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