Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute as a Button

Last week, I talked my husband into venturing downtown with me. (to be perfectly honest, it was to check out my competition) Much to my disappointment the shop was closed because of the school/summer holidays, so we spent our time strolling up and down the streets, window shopping and popping into other inviting stores. One particular shop that caught my attention was filled with jewelry, purses, and accessories, all in such a lovely vintage style. See the thing is, I have an addiction... to buttons, especially when they are vintage. I love how unique and unusual they are...

It really is sometimes quite interesting... often I might buy a button, a ribbon, or an accent piece, having no particular project in mind, and a year or two later creating something that it seems like that button was custom made for... it really makes collecting so fun!

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  1. Dang it girl I could eat up the beautifully simple but totally gorgeous pictures you take... and those buttons are just the finishing touch that makes you fall in love with a purse or accessory!! You're definitely talented beyond all talent!!


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