Monday, August 10, 2009

Hidden Gems

While dining at one of the two restaurants in Herrenhut, our neighbor table had overheard my husband talking and immediately recognized his Northern German accent as coming from the same area that they were from. After chatting for a while, the friendly couple went on to tell us that they had visited a cute little village just a few miles from where we were, and highly recommended that we work the 15 minute diversion into our trip somehow. The patterned slate siding and wooden arches is definitely not typical architecture for Northern Germany, and it was great to see that all the houses were so well kept... everyone seemed to have beautiful gardens and well groomed yards.

I love exploring and discovering "hidden gems", places that speak for themselves, and quaint little villages with so much personality.


  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing

  2. Houses like in fairy tales...

  3. Unbelievable. It all looks so....perfect. Wow!
    How's the heat? It's cooled down a bit here, or perhaps I've adjusted in a few days.


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