Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Power

I've been having a lot of fun these days with Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party fabrics... I love the unusual color combinations and interesting designs. Still on a roll for show preparations, I decided that in addition to zippered pouches that I would add a few brooches to the mix. I was originally inspired by Betz White, and I added a few extra touches and beading to make it my own. What a fun little addition to a blazer, purse, or hat... don't you think?

For other cool tutorials, check out Betz's blog. Happy creating!


  1. Oh, the brooches are fun! way to go! I'm so excited - I just got a little sewing machine yesterday for my birthday - my first! I will be spending the rest of the afternoon figuring it out. If I can survive some basic things with my scrap fabric stack, I'll have to treat myself to some Stillwater sweetness! =)

  2. very nice! I have a lot of plain things, something like this could spice them up!


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